Hey everyone. Amber and Rachel here with the Rough Outline podcast introduction. This is Episode Zero of Rough Outline, a podcast about sustainability and culture.

Watch the video or listen to the audio below, or scroll down for the podcast transcription.

Rough Outline Podcast Introduction transcription:

RR: Hey my name’s Rachel Rayner

AP: And my name’s AP.

RR: We’re coming to you today from beautiful London to introduce our podcast, Rough Outline.

AP: Rough Outline is a podcast about sustainability and culture. We look at the intersections between society, pop culture and the most pressing environmental issues of today. From micro to macro.

RR: It’s hard to see the full picture sometimes. That’s why we’re using pictionary cards as a way into the issues. Each fortnight, we’ll release a hint in pictionary form of the subject of the next week’s podcast.

AP: In season one, you can expect to hear us talk about penguins, trains, knitting and more. We’ll also be inviting very special guests onto the podcast to help us discuss these issues.

RR: Don’t forget to check out our website, roughoutline.org, where you can find all our episodes, transcripts, and more. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at roughoutlinepod, and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review.

AP: This has been episode zero of Rough Outline.

RR: We’ll see you for episode one: The Great Penguin Sweater Fiasco.

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