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Episode 2 - Knitting is Good for You

Nana knows what’s up. Knitting is good for you. Rachel reprises a talk given at Nerd Nite about knitting and crochet. Did you know that the act of knitting releases seratonin, so it’s basically the same thing as having sex? All this, and much much more.
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Episode 1 - The Great Penguin Sweater Fiasco

We spoke to Mike Dickison, curator of Natural History at Whanganui Regional Museum in New Zealand,  about The Great Penguin Sweater Fiasco of 2011, and whether or not you should knit a sweater for a penguin. (Spoiler: don’t do this.)
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Episode 0 - Rough Outline Podcast Introduction

Hey everyone. Amber and Rachel here with the Rough Outline podcast introduction. This is Episode Zero of Rough Outline, a podcast about sustainability and culture.
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