Rough Outline is a podcast which explores how sustainability intersects with culture. Sustainability is the biggest issue of our time. Where this issue meets culture defines how we live our lives.

We think that’s worth talking about.

Each fortnight, Rough Outline sketches in some of these details. Join Amber, Rachel and guests as they uncover stories about the world and how we live in it. Listen now.

Rough Outline FAQ

What’s with the pictures?
Podcast theme music
Meet our guests
Don’t you do those weird knitted things…?

About the Pictures

Each episode’s theme is selected from a Pictionary card.  Just like the popular party game, podcasts have to deal with time constraints. Keeping things to one word helps keep Rough Outline in line.
Pictionary Drawing of a podcast episode theme - penguin

About the Podcast Theme Tune

The podcast theme tune was recorded in Amber’s bedroom, with Amber on piano and Rachel on ukulele.

Podcast Guests

We like to feature guests as much as possible. Read more about guests here. Have you got a great story which needs telling? Get in touch, and let let us know.

Saying Thank You

How long does it take to record a podcast? As long as a piece of string. We want to give back to our guests with something which reflects the time and effort which they’ve put into the recording. That’s why for each guest, we create a custom amigurumi (and share the pattern with you). See all amigurumi here, and for more on why knitting and crochet are good for you, listen now.