Rough Outline Podcast: Sustainability and Culture

a sustainability and culture podcast

Rough Outline is a podcast about where today's biggest issues intersect with the way we live our lives. Your hosts Rachel and Amber along with guests discuss penguins, knitting, buses and much, much more.
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Recent Episodes and Blog Posts
Balla of colourful yarn to illustrate that knitting is good for you.
Episode 2 – Knitting is Good for You

Nana knows what's up. Knitting is good for you. Rachel reprises a talk given at Nerd Nite about knitting and… Read More

two penguins each wearing a handknit penguin sweater.
Episode 1 – The Great Penguin Sweater Fiasco

We spoke to Mike Dickison, curator of Natural History at Whanganui Regional Museum in New Zealand,  about The Great Penguin Sweater… Read More

Screenshot of Rachel and Amber performing the Rough Outline Podcast Introduction
Episode 0 – Rough Outline Podcast Introduction

Hey everyone. Amber and Rachel here with the Rough Outline podcast introduction. This is Episode Zero of Rough Outline, a podcast… Read More

Meet your hosts
Rough Outline

Amber is a sustainability champaign. She plays the piano and has a cat and a dog.

Like Rachel, Amber grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and later emmigrated to London England.

Rough Outline

Rachel likes the internet. She plays the ukulele and has two cats.

Rachel met Amber when studying Fine Arts at University. They have been friends ever since.